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The Spartan Way: Teamwork in Crackfilling with Driveway Wizards

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The Spartans were renowned for their relentless drive and impeccable teamwork. At Driveway Wizards, we emulate this spirit, ensuring that our team of 3-4 wizards moves forward in unison, leaving no room for downtime.

Using the Crack Pro 125 Melter/Applicator, (, we ensure a seamless crackfilling process from start to finish. 🛡️🔥

1. Swift Preparation: The Key to Efficiency 🍃🧹

Wizard 1: Scans the parking lot, swiftly marking the areas that need attention, ensuring the team always knows where to head next.

Wizard 2: With a backpack blower, immediately follows Wizard 1's trail, blowing away debris.

Wizard 3: Right on Wizard 2's heels, uses the propane torch to preheat the cracks.

Wizard 4: Ensures all safety protocols are in place, while also assisting with the broom to sweep up any stubborn remnants.

2. The Dance of the Crack Pro 125 Melter/Applicator 🎨🚛

Wizard 1*: Seamlessly drives the truck with the Crack Pro 125, always staying a step ahead, positioning it for optimal access to the next set of cracks.

Wizard 2*: Without missing a beat, operates the Crack Pro 125, ensuring a continuous flow of perfectly melted rubber.

Wizard 3*: Pours the hot rubber into the preheated cracks, moving in tandem with Wizard 2 to ensure a consistent and efficient application.

Wizard 4*: Follows closely, wielding the rubber V squeegee. As soon as the rubber is poured, he ensures it's spread evenly, leaving a flawless finish.

3. The Finishing Touch: Black Beauty Sand 🏖️

Once the rubber is expertly applied and squeegeed, there's one final, crucial step. Wizard 1 sprinkles Black Beauty Sand over the fresh rubber. This not only prevents the rubber from sticking to car tires but also aids in its curing process, ensuring longevity and durability. Wizard 2 ensures an even spread of the sand, while Wizard 3 & 4 prepare for the next segment of the lot.

4. Pushing Forward: The Continuous Motion 🧹🍃

After the Black Beauty Sand is applied, all wizards unite in pushing the excess sand forward. Using brooms and blowers, they ensure that the sand is moved to the next area, prepping it for the subsequent application. This step not only maximizes the use of materials but also ensures that the team is always moving forward, embodying the Spartan spirit of relentless progress.

5. Victory in Unity! 🏆

With synchronized efforts, continuous motion, and the Spartan spirit of teamwork, we ensure every crackfilling project is completed efficiently. The result? A rejuvenated parking lot, reflecting the dedication and hard work of the Driveway Wizards.

Remember, the Spartans were revered not just for their strength, but for their unity and relentless drive. At Driveway Wizards, we strive to embody that spirit in every project. When you see a crack in your parking lot, think of the Spartan way and give us a call! 860-944-9124 📞🛡️🚧



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